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What solutions do you have? What do you do each day to bring love, peace and happiness into your own and the lives of others? Please send us your stories and solutions.

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The editors, writers, contributors and staff of Dead Cat Press are working to create a better world, and we start in our own kitchen, shop/art studio and gardens. We plant food and flowers for beauty as well as grow as much as we can for our health and well-being.

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Let's create and demand the real alternatives.

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Taos Hemp

We live in a world that suffers from abuse, toxicity, and depravation of all kinds. Hemp addresses the basic needs of the planet which are: food, clothing, shelter, fuel, and medicine.  "We've got the cure but we ain't gonna give it." -- Ras Makahna Sovereign nations of the United States have the clearest means available to change the wrong view of Hemp.  Sovereignty is not variable to a culture.  It exists in and of itself as freedom of choice and therefore sound action towards the good of all.  For after all, it is the civil right of the life forms: human and all living matter, to enjoy "no harm."